Delegate + Member Experience

The Delegate Experience has always been of utmost importance to ICS. We know that delegates look for greater interaction, connectivity, and innovation in their conferences than ever before. ICS events go beyond simple lectures – we aim for an experience that is engaging, refreshing, and most importantly, one that delivers an unforgettable delegate experience. We have created and developed a number of innovative delegate engagement programs that are aimed towards achieving this objective, while keeping in mind the larger goals of the conference as a whole.

Our conference design aims for the following goals:

  • Keeping the delegate engaged through innovative, interactive methods of lecture delivery
  • Integrating the latest in conference technology to deliver an experience that is modern and contemporary
  • Keeping the delegate refreshed in both mind and body
  • Ensuring the delegate is able to stay connected to the outside world by encouraging and facilitating the use of personal devices
  • Providing ample opportunity for casual and purposeful networking
  • Reinforcing the conference themes and ideas in every part of the conference design

An engaged, refreshed delegate is one that is more likely to have an unforgettable conference experience. At ICS, we aim to ensure that every conference is able to deliver such an experience to each and every delegate.

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