A Message From Our President

Dear Colleagues,

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our industry more than any other event in most of our lifetimes. Companies, associations and destinations globally are trying to navigate their way through this crisis, balancing the short-term need with a long-term strategy. While we are all in the same storm, we must realize that we are in different boats, and therefore different solutions and strategies are necessary. Our primary responsibility is to our employees, our members, our clients, and our suppliers, but on top of that, it is imperative that we are supporting each other in circumventing this uncharted situation.  

Locally, nationally and around the world, this pandemic has affected us all in various ways, and we have vastly different means and capabilities in how to respond. What unites us all is the determination to conquer this crisis and emerge unweathered and perhaps, become even stronger on the other side.  

It is a time to look out for one another, lend a helping hand to those who need it, and to reflect on what motivates and drives us, as that will give us the strength we need.   

At ICS, we believe in connecting people to facilitate change – and we recognize that the course forward is charted by knowledge exchange and meaningful connections. While we have managed international in-person conferences for over 40 years, we have also produced an extensive armada of online conferences, education and hybrid events throughout the last decade, creating new opportunities for critical research to reach a larger audience, inspire interactions and accelerate change.  

COVID-19 knows no boundaries or borders – the transfer of knowledge should not either. ICS is actively engaging with the industry in order to share best practices and come up with creative solutions throughout this evolving situation. We’re looking to the horizon. We’re here to do our part. We’re moving forward, connecting people to facilitate change. 

Sincerest regards,

Mathias Posch,
President & Partner, International Conference Services