ICS Connects: Andrea Tatum, CAPM Senior Director, Corporate Equity Engagement at Catalyst Inc. (Episode 10)

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Are you wondering what the future of exchange will look like?

ICS Connects reveals unscripted insights, forming genuine conversations with global meeting experts. Join Mathias Posch, the Host of ICS Connects, and President of International Conference Services, for trending topics and 360 meeting views. Bridging the connection between associations, convention centers, tourism bureaus, destination marketing organizations, and thought leaders in the MICE industry. Explore emerging ideas, challenges and strategies as we navigate this transformative meeting landscape and continue to move forward in our pursuit to connect people and facilitate change.

Awareness is the First Step to Change and Inclusion

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality. These three words have such a strong meaning, but not everyone around the world takes it seriously. Nobody is the same, and that we all need to acknowledge diversity with open minds. In ICS Connects's tenth episode, Andrea G. Tatum discusses how we can make a difference by allowing ourselves and the people around us to be authentic and by create an inclusive environment. When we recognize our own biases and prejudices, we will recognize that we have the power to make a significant difference in our workplaces, event spaces, personal lives, and beyond.

Andrea Tatum, Diversity, Inclusion, Corporate Culture, Human Resources, Event Planning, Allyship, ICS Connects, International Conference Services

Andrea Tatum began her career in non-profit arts marketing in Nashville, Tennesse. Looking at the mostly older, white audiences, performers, and fellow arts administrators, her passion and advocacy for Diversity and Inclusion was ignited. She was named one of Rolling Out Magazine’s Most Influential Women in Atlanta for her initiatives focused on cultivating diverse audiences. After ten years in the arts, Andrea pivoted to tech where she grew her career as a product marketer, a certified project manager, and international events professional. She joined Tableau Software in 2017 to oversee a portfolio of the company’s events and was the team lead for Diversity & Inclusion at Tableau’s annual 20000-person conference. Andrea became the Sr. Manager of Inclusion where she scaled employee engagement, developed strategies for diversity recruitment, and developed inclusive leadership training. Andrea recently became the Sr. Director of Equity Engagement at Catalyst Inc. and (is launching/ launched) her DEI career consultancy in August 2020.

Andrea Tatum, Diversity, Inclusion, Corporate Culture, Human Resources, Event Planning, Allyship, ICS Connects, International Conference Services
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