Thespena KanakosManager Housing and Registration

Thespena Kanakos Thespena Kanakos
Thespena Kanakos
Housing and Registration
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I graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree specializing in Hospitality and Service Management. I was able to complete my last academic semester abroad at the Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic.  For six months I traveled across Europe and Asia before returning back to Vancouver. I’ve worked in the Hospitality Industry for the past five years and my expertise lie with hotels and sales. I enjoy connecting with people from all walks of life and am very excited to start my journey with ICS. On a more personal note – I am a lover of animals, passionate about travel and a foodie at heart.

Be thankful for closed doors, detours and roadblocks. They protect you from places and paths not meant for you.