Jing Wen SohJunior Manager Marketing and Communications

Jing Wen Soh Jing Wen Soh
Jing Wen Soh
Junior Manager
Marketing and Communications
P [+65] 6994 5461 Ext. 289

Coming from 5 years of events management experience in the MICE industry, Jing Wen’s interest to pursue events marketing grew when she was given the opportunity to plan and execute the first Straits Times Virtual Run 2020 which was well received by the public. A detail-oriented person with a can-do attitude, Jing Wen loves meeting new people from different walks of life and making new connections.

Outside of work, you would find her exploring new cafes, catching an indie film or having an intense boardgame sessions with friends.

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how
~Friedrich Nietzsche