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Melissa Egger Melissa Egger
Melissa Egger
Senior Manager
P [+1] 604 681 2153 Ext. 145

Melissa is a Partnership Manager at GOLD Learning. She joined the team in 2015 and now works with International Associations creating new engaging ways to offer online education to a broad audience. Melissa works on making cutting-edge education more virtually accessible to health care professionals around the world.

Melissa has a Master of Science in Business from the University of Jonkoping, Sweden. Certified as a Digital Event Strategist, she uses her knowledge to effectively plan and execute virtual events to enhance the user’s experience. She values the great environment GOLD Learning offers its team members, as well as the wonderful network it connects her to within the field.

Currently living in Lisbon, Portugal, Melissa pursues new cultural adventures, loves all kinds of outdoor activities and maintains a balanced lifestyle with yoga and good food.

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