Janice D'Souza AhluwaliaKey Account Specialist Projects & Operations (on maternity leave)

Janice D’Souza Ahluwalia Janice D’Souza Ahluwalia
Janice D'Souza Ahluwalia
Key Account Specialist
Projects & Operations (on maternity leave)
P [+1] 604 681 2153 Ext. 108

With over fifteen years of work experience, Janice started her career in hotels, then with a travel management company in India. She spent the last ten years in the meetings and events industry, working with global organizations in creating and managing large scale events and conferences, that have helped her grow her network and build strong relationships. Janice has just moved from India with her family to Canada, when she was introduced to ICS. She is thrilled to be a part of such a vibrant, dynamic and professional organization that is on the expressway to growing globally.

In her personal time, Janice practices yoga, spends time discovering new places with her husband and daughter, cooking, reading and occasionally watching Netflix.

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