Frontiers in Cardiovascular Genetics, Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Date: June 10 - 12, 2020
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

On behalf of our organizing committee, we thank you for your interest in attending the first biennial “Frontiers in Cardiovascular Genetics, Diagnostics and Therapeutics” conference to be held in Stockholm, Sweden from June 10 – 12, 2020. We envision this new meeting as highlighting the application of systems genetics and genomics to bring solutions to key cardiovascular biology/disease problems and challenges. We intend to gather the most prominent, established and upcoming scientists in these research areas to discuss, inform and focus all of us involved on where we stand today and where we should be heading tomorrow. At the core, our purpose in staging this meeting is to provide the vehicle to advance the field from genome-wide association studies and into the next era of data-driven genetics, genomics and precision medicine. Our venue for this conference will be the Djurönäset Conference Hotel located within the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm some 45 minutes from Stockholm city and 1 – 2 hours from the Stockholm Arlanda Airport. We look forward to seeing you at our inaugural event!