2020 Lung Cancer Hot Topic: Liquid Biopsy

Date: May 7 - 9,2020
Location: Baltimore, United States

Accurate identification of driver oncogene mutations has led to major advances in the treatment of lung cancer. Although, analysis of tumor tissue has been the gold standard for molecular testing, the lack of tissue or poor tissue quality often negates the ability to either perform the testing or derive usable results. Testing of a liquid biopsy, commonly blood, helps overcome these constraints. Most, if not all, patients treated with targeted therapies for oncogenic driver mutations relapse and a rebiopsy is often not feasible; however, a non-invasive liquid biopsy can serve as a practical and reliable option for these patients. Additionally, liquid biopsies are a non-invasive way to monitor minimal residual disease, the effectiveness of a therapy over time, and have been shown to detect resistance mutations and progression before standard imaging.
This state-of-the art conference will bring together international and multidisciplinary experts in the field of liquid biopsy in lung cancer to present and discuss recent advances in liquid biopsy technology and clinical application.