ICS and WE

ICS is partnering with WE Charity (www.we.org) – an internationally acclaimed charity whose mantra includes “empowering change with resources that will create a sustainable impact in our world”. Over the next three years, we are committed to raising $100,000.

Our goal is to use these funds to achieve a truly transformative and self-sustaining water development project in the community of Kanambu, Ecuador – an indigenous community founded 35 years ago with only one local school for 15 surrounding communities. The main water source in Kanambu is a nearby river that contains contaminated water, often resulting in incidents of waterborne diseases. Some of the community has access to piped water from a nearby spring but the water is not treated and there is often not adequate water pressure to deliver water to the entire community.

Construction for the water system is off to a great start in Kanambu. In the first quarter of 2018 the community members held a planning meeting to learn more about the project and how to get started. After hearing the details of the clean water and sanitation system, the community took the first step to form a Water Committee. The Water Committee will be responsible for overseeing the water project for the community, including the maintenance and long term sustainability of the project. Please check back for regular updates.

There are a number of ways you can donate:

1. Visit WE Charity's website at: we.org/donate. Please note that there will be a field where you can make a donation on behalf of someone else. We ask that you please write "ICS Legacy Project" in this field.

2. You can contact Tayla Shirley, Coordinator for Donor Engagement and Development at WE, to process any donation. You can reach Tayla at tayla.shirley@we.org or by phone at 778 872 0569.

3. We can donate on your behalf. You can contact our CFO, Aksinia Shier, at aksinia@icsevents.com to process payments or you can send a cheque to our Vancouver office at:

International Conference Services
1201 West Pender Street, Suite 300
Vancouver, BC V6E2V2

Tax Receipts are available for donations greater than $10.

Thank you so much for your interest in our Legacy Project and WE Charity!