Lyndsay BrannonCoordinator Housing and Registration Systems

Lyndsay Brannon Lyndsay Brannon
Lyndsay Brannon
Housing and Registration Systems
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Born and raised in a small town north of Toronto I made the move to Vancouver in Fall of 2018. After completing a double major in Psychology and Social Welfare I went back to school and received my Diploma in Recreation and Leisure Studies. For the past 8 years I have worked for a small Municipality in their Recreation Department mainly focusing on Customer Service and System Administration of their recreational software system. Having to leave somewhere I was very comfortable in and felt like a second home was terrifying, however, after my first day at ICS I felt at ease and knew that I was going to enjoy working not only for the Company but with all my amazing and talented coworkers.

As a newbie to the West Coast I am enjoying the outdoor active lifestyle by exploring my beautiful surroundings as well as all the delicious restaurants that Vancouver has to offer!

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